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Bella's Restaurant
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 3rd and Walnut  Right in the heart of historic downtown Yankton

Why have Ordinary, when you can have Extraordinary!

It isn't everyday you find a place like the riverfront Event center

It has beauty  and historic charm combined with todays technology..

 We're not a stuffy place, we're friendly and honest. We try to make you feel welcome, like family. Most of all we want you to have a good time here. Visit the downtown's crazy pubs, (one is affectionately called the Dead Animal Bar ). Shop in the cute shops like Lilly Crest Cottage or Head to Heels. Then at the end of the evening walk across the Missouri River on the Historic Meridian Bridge, eat in Bella's downstairs or watch the world go by through all the 14ft high windows on main floor..

When you're tired, sleep your troubles away in one of  our wonderful hotel rooms.

If you've come for a beautiful wedding or reception, you'll love the historic character, the food, the drinks and our staff's smiling faces.